About Us

Global Inspection and Certifications (GIC) is established with a clear mission to become "the best reliable and trustable certifications and inspections service provider”. GIC is accredited by Global Veritas Certification Services (GVCS) as Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and Authorised Qualifying Body(AQB) for NDT training programs in Chennai, India. GIC is authorized to impart training and certify NDT Personnel to GVCS PCP Scheme which complies with ISO 9712 requirements.

The training institute is custom built with state-of-the-art technology providing ambient space, well equipped lecture halls, separate practical training rooms with necessary equipments, accessories, flawed samples for testing.

GIC deliver courses, examinations, certifications and inspection services to all major industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power Plants, Manufacturing Industries, Offshore Rigs, Wind Mills, Aerospace, Automobile, Steel Constructions and Heavy Engineering Division Workshops. GIC provides training and examination services via its global network of office and training centre. Our training and examination process can cover all the major NDT methods (RT, RTFI, UT, MT, PT, ET, PAUT and TOFD).



To continuously strive to achieve highest industrial standards of quality inspection training and services in the concurrence with client’s expectations on a professionally cost effective manner.

To provide a professional value based Industry oriented training.

Possess high quality international standard training on quality inspections in accordance with Quality Management System and pursuing placement for the right candidates to enrich their career.


To achieve “the best reliable and trustable certification and inspection service provider” in the field of quality inspection engineering with strict adherence to the International specific codes & standards that will be ensure the client/customer product quality with safe, most easily accessible and cost effective manner.

Quality Policy

Global Inspection and Certifications (GIC) is committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of the quality inspection training, examination, certification and inspection services which fosters continual improvement.

To achieve this commitment in the delivery of quality inspection training and services, we will ensure:

  1. The highest level of customer service in all of its activities and recognises the need to ensure consistency and best practice throughout the Organisation.
  2. Compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
  3. Compliance with statutory regulations and requirements of the State Regulatory Bodies.
  4. The health, safety and welfare of employees, clients and visitors remain of the highest priority.
  5. All employees understand the importance of their individual roles in the organisation and how their actions impact on the quality services provided.
  6. All employees are given the opportunity to develop their individual skills through the support and training provided by the GIC.

HSE Policy

Industrial Health and Safety can be achieved only by a sustained effort by both management and staff to develop and practice good habits in Health, Safety and the Environment.

It is the responsibility of all of our employees. GIC encourage a culture where everybody involved values and assumes responsibility for HSE.

It is the goal of GIC to strive towards a “Zilch Injury Policy” through our efforts of education, training and services.

Our commitment to ensuring safety and protecting human, equipment and environmental welfare is evidenced by our track record.

Team Expertise Details

GIC team expertises are highly qualified and certified with years of experience in the field of QA/QC, welding, NDT, coating/painting, Integrity and ISO Audits.

GIC work with a focus on quality, safety and efficiency to both in-service and out of service facilities, high standard of services, we keep our inspection personnel up to date with the current qualification requirements.

GIC value every client/customer at most, care for the quality and safe of their products and believe in stronger customer relationship through quick and timely services.

GIC is focused on providing professional training & services on various NDT methods and technique with industrial experienced hands

GIC offer courses that are designed to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that meets the industries standards.


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